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Article by Nick Schade in WoodenBoat Magazine

WoodenBoat Magazine

WoodenBoat Magazine published a two part article on building Nymphwritten by Nick.

Guillemot Kayaks in 2008 2008

The online Luxury Travel magazine XO Private Insiderwrote about Guillemot Kayaks in their “GADGETS & WANNAHAVES” section.

Night Heron Wood Kayak in Small Boats Magazine

Small Boats 2008

Mike O’Brien tested and reviewed the Night Heron for Small Boats Magazine produced by WoodenBoat. Mike wrote; “Night Heron is a striking boat… This is an organic creature… alive to our eyes.”

Guillemot Kayaks in - Se7en February 2007

Se7en February 2007

Se7en said Organic hues blend with seamless lines to make for an aesthetic that is as powerful as the high-performance designs it reflects

Wooden Kayaks in Yankee Magazine - Oct 2006

Yankee Magazine – Oct 2006

The Night Heron was highlighted in Yankee’s “New England Today” column.

Wood Kayak in - Aug 2006 – Aug 2006

Guillemot Kayaks takes a writer at back many aeons, to being a kid building sea kayaks from plywood and canvas.

Nick Schade in Hartford Courant - April 2006

Hartford Courant & Associated Press – April 2006

Steve Grant wrote for the Hartford Courant “his boats are as graceful as a gull and are gossamer light.” This article later got picked up by the Associated Press and ended up being printed in places as diverse as the Chicago Tribune, North Dakota, and New Zealand.

Robb Report Collection 2006

The Robb Report Collection included Guillemot Kayaks in their Collection Gift Guide.

Guillemot kayaks in Manager Magazin

Manager Magazin – October 2009

Manager Magazin from Germany gave Guillemot Kayaks a page-long write up in their Oktober 2009 issue.

Wood Kayak in Fine Woodworking - Aug 2005

Fine Woodworking Aug 2005

Fine Woodworking featured Guillemot Kayaks in their “Notes and Comment” section when the Night Heron was accepted at the Museum of Modern Art. You can visit my profile on the Fine Woodworking website.

The Strip Built Sea Kayak Front cover

The Strip Built Sea Kayak

Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build. Nick’s first book has become the bible for anyone who wants to build their own strip built kayak. It give step-by-step instructions for making a beautiful rugged kayak