Its not Just Art, Its a Craft


Wood Kayaks

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The Alure of Wood on the Water

There is a quality about a finely crafted wooden kayak which is hard to describe. They have a sensuousness not typical of other traditional wooden boats. Their motion through the water seems somehow smoother than other kayaks. The sweep of the sheer and the smooth arc of the deck draw the hand as well as the eye.


The grain of wood has a complexity that draws the eye. The smooth curves and flow of a boat creates a visual contrast with that grain. Order and chaos in one object.


Each boat is custom made to order according to your desire. Nick’s years of experience on the water and designing boats will give you the perfect boat for your needs.

On the Water and Off

Designed and built by a avid user of small boats, these works of art are designed for use but suitable for display.
The construction techniques that creates a strong, capable kayak also make it look good.


The ocean is uncaring. It doesn’t care about appearances. It isn’t there to fight you. It will be there when you’re gone.
The shapes that work the best in the ocean also happen to look good to our eyes.

Internationally Recognized

Nick’s handmade boats are characterized by clean, elegant lines and smooth, responsive motion through the ocean. Guillemot Kayaks designs are world renowned for their distinctive beauty and sea kindly handling. A kayak Nick designed and built is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. While some feel his boats may be confined to the protected confines of a living room, they are built to withstand the rigors of hard use.

In The Press

Recoginized in Magazines, Online and on Video, Nick’s boats are respected and admired around the world.

International Customers

Kayaks have left Nick’s shop in Connecticut and gone around the world from Wisconsin to Australia and the Hamptons to Dubai.


Nick is a sought after teacher of boat building and kayaking. He has taught classes at the Mystic Seaport Museum and the WoodenBoat School.


Nick is the author of two major books about boat building techniques with a combined total of over 60,000 copies sold worldwide.

Happy Paddlers

Comments from a few of our clients:

Edgar B.

“It’s awesome to look at, and it flies”
in Forbes Life



We received the kayak and it has exceeded our expectations. No probltems with the shipping and I keep trying to resist the temptation to use it on our lake – maybe I need to purchase another for fishing and paddling around . Thank you for all of your work…

Clarissa B.

Hi Nick
I just wanted to let you know I just arrived to Bridge Hampton to find the beautiful Kayak you made for my husband, it is a dream, the most beautiful kayak I have ever seen, I just wanted to congratulate your amazing work and craftsmanship.
All the best,



Dear Nick
The kayak was wonderfull as I expected. Can’t ask for better…

We Design and Build Fine Wood Small Boats

While we specialize in wood kayaks, we really love all kinds of small boats including canoes and rowing craft. Below are just a few of our designs, click through to see more on these wood small boats.

Designed and built by a serious small boat user

Its Not Just Art,
Its a Craft

Although honored that people appreciate the beauty of his boats, Nick Schade designs and builds these wooden kayaks and small boats as a way to appreciate the beauty of nature. Their ability to take you amazing places that you can not see any other way is his motivation for creating amazing boats.

Learn about Nick and his Craft

Hand Made Boats

There is something special about a hand made wooden kayak. 


How the are Made

Each wooden kayak we make is unique and individual.


What We Offer

We have a small boat for you, or we will custom design.


Ordering Your Own

We offer a bespoke process to assure you get the right boat.