microBootlegger Sport

microBootlegger Sport Kayak – Book Matched Mahogany, Carbon Fiber Infusion Layup, Carved Wood Seat

Marrying Traditional Woodwork with  Modern Composite Techniques to create Poetry

Nick draws on age old hand-tool woodworking methods to create a seamless wood core and combines them with the latest aerospace techniques to form a high tech sandwich of structural mahogany between fiberglass and carbon fiber, all bonded together with high strength epoxy.
Lighter and stronger than mass market kayaks, these wooden kayaks not only look stunning, they don’t sacrifice ruggedness. You may choose to never put the boat in the water because you are afraid to scratch it, but that is on you, the kayak is designed and built to withstand your abuse.

Watch the Process

Sit back and observe the process of converting a couple pieces of wood into a highly functional, seaworthy craft. Nick incorporates hundreds of individual processes and skills combined over time to create a living vessel that will take you places you could only dream about.

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