Ordering Your Custom Kayak, Canoe or Small Boat

Handmade, One at a Time, For You

These are not Cookie-Cutter Boats. Each bespoke boat is made specifically for you, fitted to your needs and how you will use the boat.

You are part of the design process

You can choose an existing design, modify that design to your needs, or we can create a completely new design. You decide the look you want. Are you going to be bouncing the boat off rocks or hanging it in your great room? Nick will work with you to make sure you get what you want.

We will ask you questions…

How Will You Use the Boat

Is this going to be a display piece, or are you going to be using the boat? Are you an experienced kayaker or have you never been in a boat in your life. 

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Where Will It Be Going

Are you going to have it on a lake, or the ocean, a bay or a river? Even if you don’t intend to put it in the water, Nick wants to make a boat that is appropriate to its home. A boat can be matched to a specific body of water as well as the body of the user.

Level of Finish

Do you want a beautiful wooden boat or a masterpiece? It is going to be spectacular, but just how amazing do you want? Do you want some sort of personalization. Is it for yourself or a gift.

Nick Will Help You Choose

After asking you some questions, With his years of boat experience, Nick will provide several suitable design proposals for you to choose from, including various price points. You can continue to work with Nick to narrow down exactly what you are seeking until we agree on a final design.

The Build Process

When you have determined what you want it is time to reserve your spot on the waiting list. Since each boat is built one-at-a-time by Nick, your project will not start until other existing projects have been completed. The duration of each build depends on the complexity of the project and the level of finish.

Payment is divided into three equal parts: Deposit, Start, Completion.


The first 1/3rd is to assure your spot on the waiting list. Projects are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis in the order that deposits are received. We will provide you an estimated time until completion, but we will not rush the project to meet a timeline.

Start of Project

The second 1/3rd is payable upon the start of the project. At this point your boat will be the primary focus of Nick’s attention until the project is complete. Until this point it is possible to make changes to your order.

Your Finished Boat

The final 1/3rd of payment is due when the boat is completed. Delivery can be arranged for anywhere in the world at your expense.  International and long-distance domestic delivery is typically via a shipper that speciallizes in delivering art. 

Start Planning Your Boat