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Wooden Kayaks in Forbes Life - June 2009

ForbesLife Magazine June 2009

ForbesLife Magazine featured Guillemot Kayaks in The Eye in their special culture issue. The article says: “Schade’s kayaks are head-swivelingly beatiful…” and quotes Edgar Bronfman about his Night Heron “It’s awesome to look at and it flies.”

Mens Journal

Mens Journal – 2023

Men’s Journal called Nick Schade and Guillemot Kayaks one of “The Greatest Woodworkers Across America Are Reshaping the Ancient Craft“

Bespoke Kayak in Financial Time - 2018

Financial Times – How I Spent It – 2018

Class-of-their-own kayaks “There is a particular quality about a finely crafted wooden kayak; its motion through the water seems somehow smoother than other kayaks, and the sweep of the sheer and smooth arc of the deck draws the hand as well as the eye,” says Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks. Schade works collaboratively with clients…
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True Ink Return of the Sairy Gamp 15-Pound Canoe

True Ink – Return of the Sairy Gamp

True.Ink This lightweight canoe, made from cedar, is designed to carry over your shoulder, and inspired by the legendary vessel that writer George Washington Sears (aka “Nessmuk”) used for a legendary journey through the Adirondacks before the turn of the century. This is how you make it.

A&E In Focus Wooden Kayaks

A&E In Focus

The fall of 2017 I had a crew of 12 come to film a segment for A&E Television. This short segment is the result:

Kayak Crafter Bathroom Minutes 2016

Bathroom Minutes – Jan 2016

“The Bathroom Minutes” is a blog put out by Dollar Shave Club. They sent a photographer out to my workshop to document “Men Who Use Their Hands“.

Maine Boats and Harbors Boats of the year Guillemot Kayak

Maine Boats Homes and Harbors

Listed in the “Boats of the Year” section of Maine Boats Homes and Harbors.

Childs Kayak in Make Magazine 2016 – Feb 2016, the online presence of Make Magazine asked for a blog article. I wrote up the “Building a Child Sized Kayaks from a Single Sheet of Plywood“.

Guillemot Kayaks in WoodenBoat November 2015

WoodenBoat – Nov/Dec 2015

Mike O’Brien, editor or Boat Design Quarterly, wrote up a nice review of the Petrel, Night Heron and Expedition Single for the WoodenBoat Magazine “Design: Review” section.

Guillemot Kayaks in Coastal Living - Feb 2015

Coastal Living – February 2015

“Built to Last – A coastal Connecticut craftsman builds nimble wooden kayaks that are also works of art.” – Coastal Living Magazine

Guillemot Kayaks for Persol

Persol Eyeware Sep-2014

Persol Eyeware produced a video documentary for their Persol :: Meets campaign.

Petrel Wood Kayak in Gentlemen - Aug 2014

Gentlemen – Aug 2014

My quotes written in Italian look amazing: A FILO D’ACQUA. «Entrare in un kayak è come indossarlo, solo così si può sentire l’energia dell’oceano. Ogni kayak che costruisco è disegnato per diventare parte dell’oceano, per viaggiare nell’acqua, non solo sull’acqua. Questo è un film meraviglioso»

Guillemot Kayaks for and Lincoln June 2014 featured Guillemot Kayaks in an advertisement for Lincoln Automobiles. Lincoln The Designed Life (Kayak Maker) from Dylan Isbell on Vimeo.

Petrel Play Review in Sea Kayaker

Sea Kayaker – Feb 2014

It is an honor to have my Petrel Play reviewed in Sea Kayaker Magazine. The conclusion: The Petrel Play lives up to the ‘Play’ in its name. It was quick and nimble in the waves, not bothered by the wind, and is very comfortable fit made it a pleasure to be in. Lots of fun.

Petrel Wood Kayak in Men's Journal - Sep. 2013

Men’s Journal – Sep. 2013

Men’s Journal Magazinefeatured the Petrel in their September 2013 “Style and Design” issue. Thanks to Bespoke Globalfor the publicity.

Wooden Kayak in LATimes June 2013

LATimes June 2013

The LA Times reported on trends at the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair and noted the Petrel displayed by Bespoke Global.