Stitch and Glue Night Heron

Night Heron – Sapelle and Okoume Marine Plywood, Fiberglass & Epoxy

Light, Rugged & Practical

Stitch and glue kayaks are made from precision-cut marine plywood. This allows them to be assembled relatively quickly. But Nick still puts as much care and consideration into making a beautiful, high performance kayak.

Light Weight

At 35 to 40 pounds, these kayaks are easy to carry and responsive on the water. Some kayak manufacturers try to justify heavy weight as somehow beneficial to performance, but light beats heavy in just about all situations.


Made from Lloyds registered marine plywood encapsulated in fiberglass and epoxy, these boat will absorb a lot of abuse. While you might be upset by scratches in your beautiful boat, the kayak will be fine.


When you pull up on a beach with a lot of other kayaks, yours will always be the best looking. Nick can use contrasting colors to highlight the construction process or blend all the pieces of wood together so it looks like one piece.


If you are intimidated by the idea of scratching a strip-built kayak, stitch and glue plywood is a more affordable, less “precious” entry into high perfomance wood kayaks.

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