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Mens Journal

Mens Journal – 2023

Men’s Journal called Nick Schade and Guillemot Kayaks one of “The Greatest Woodworkers Across America Are Reshaping the Ancient Craft“

True Ink Return of the Sairy Gamp 15-Pound Canoe

True Ink – Return of the Sairy Gamp

True.Ink This lightweight canoe, made from cedar, is designed to carry over your shoulder, and inspired by the legendary vessel that writer George Washington Sears (aka “Nessmuk”) used for a legendary journey through the Adirondacks before the turn of the century. This is how you make it.

Kayak Crafter Bathroom Minutes 2016

Bathroom Minutes – Jan 2016

“The Bathroom Minutes” is a blog put out by Dollar Shave Club. They sent a photographer out to my workshop to document “Men Who Use Their Hands“.

Childs Kayak in Make Magazine 2016

Makezine.com – Feb 2016

Makezine.com, the online presence of Make Magazine asked for a blog article. I wrote up the “Building a Child Sized Kayaks from a Single Sheet of Plywood“.

Guillemot Kayaks for Time.com and Lincoln

Time.com June 2014

Time.com featured Guillemot Kayaks in an advertisement for Lincoln Automobiles. Lincoln The Designed Life (Kayak Maker) from Dylan Isbell on Vimeo.

Wooden Kayak in LATimes June 2013

LATimes June 2013

The LA Times reported on trends at the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair and noted the Petrel displayed by Bespoke Global.

Nick Schade's Kayaks in PrivateClubs.com June 2013

PrivateClubs.com June 2013

PrivateClubs.com featured the Night Heron kayak.

Bespoke Canoe in Fab.com September 2011

Fab.com September 2011

Fab.com in collaboration with Fast Company Magazinecreated a popup store centered on the theme “United States of Design“. We did not have any boats available to offer in the store, but we did offer building plans.

Bespoke Kayak in Fast Company September 2011

Fast Company September 2011

Fast Company magazine created a free iPad app on the theme of “The United States of Design” and featured Guillemot Kayaks to represent Connecticut.

Guillemot Kayaks in XOPrivate.com 2008

XOPrivate.com 2008

The online Luxury Travel magazine XO Private Insiderwrote about Guillemot Kayaks in their “GADGETS & WANNAHAVES” section.

Wood Kayak in TreeHugger.com - Aug 2006

TreeHugger.com – Aug 2006

Guillemot Kayaks takes a writer at Treehugger.com back many aeons, to being a kid building sea kayaks from plywood and canvas.