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A&E In Focus Wooden Kayaks

A&E In Focus

The fall of 2017 I had a crew of 12 come to film a segment for A&E Television. This short segment is the result:

Guillemot Kayaks for Persol

Persol Eyeware Sep-2014

Persol Eyeware produced a video documentary for their Persol :: Meets campaign.

Guillemot Kayaks for Time.com and Lincoln

Time.com June 2014

Time.com featured Guillemot Kayaks in an advertisement for Lincoln Automobiles. Lincoln The Designed Life (Kayak Maker) from Dylan Isbell on Vimeo.

Nick Schade for Bespoke Global

Bespoke Global

Bespoke Global was an internet startup offering custom made, bespoke products to high-end clientele.